Minutes of meeting, done just right.

Organize meeting notes , attachments and sign-offs in one single place. Save hours worth of work every-week.


Organize Meeting Notes

Organize meetings into projects and keep everything in a neat, tidy folder.


Share with stakeholders

Once the meeting is done, send MoM to meeting attendees of the meeting.


Get a sign-off

Let other sign-off on the MoM that was published, so that there is clarity post the meeting.



Typing something important during the meeting? Postmeet automagically saves your work.


Editor for meetings

We put in hundreds of hours of work building an editor specifically for meetings.

Save hours of time

Save hours of time organizing meeting notes, attachments and others in one single place.

👏 More features coming soon...


Calendar integration

Integrate with your Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365 Calendar or any calendar of your choice.


MoM Templates

Choose from a variety of pre-built templates with actionable items for you to assign people.

In active development

Postmeet is fresh and brand new. We are currently building features and issuing stability fixes every eight hours so that you can use the way you would like. If you think there are some features that are missing, please write to us at postmeet@skcript.com.